Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Around Town

As I mentioned before, we do applied Spanish in the afternoons, which usually means walking around and meeting people in community. Since we live in an artisan town, this is pretty awesome. Like tourist shopping.
We’ve been to the shop of the language teacher’s family and a couple other families in town. All selling ceramics for a fraction of the cost in the US – no tourist shops for us “locals”!  We walked to the public clinic, a small, unobtrusive building donated by the grand duke of Luxemborg. Across the street we went to the small house of a family that makes ceramics. While the woman showed us her products, her teenage son was studying in a corner. She showed us her Orno (big brick oven, every seems to have one here)  where they fire the pottery and the attached work space with pottery wheel and two men hand painting pieces . She explained how the process is done and showed the clay (called barro, it’s made locally as well) and the outer layer, a darker more liquid clay that comes from the north of the country.
We also went by John’s house because his family owns a panaderia. They get up at 3am (yes, that’s AM) to make bread by hand, from scratch, and bake it in the huge outdoor brick oven (similar to the artesan orno). Fresh, soft, hot and it tastes great- for only 2 cordobas (9 cents!). I have a new favorite breakfast food.

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